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Appropriate bathroom lighting

Mornings functional, evenings relaxing



In the mornings, a bathroom is first and foremost a functional room. In the evenings, the desire for relation dominates. Therefore, the lighting should be adaptable to the varying needs and should be changeable every time.

Brilliant tip!
Smaller rooms appear larger with supplementary lamps in the corners. The same effect is attained with indirect light on light-coloured walls.


It’s a new day

In the mornings, during personal hygiene, good illumination with bright lights is important. Not only to wake us up, but also to better recognise details when shaving or applying makeup.

Brilliant tip!
Optimal mirror lighting is bright and evenly illuminates the mirror without glare. Frosted glass lamps are recommended for this purpose.



In addition to the classic overhead lighting, lamps providing an indirect light should also be installed. Indirect lighting complements the peaceful, regenerating qualities of a relaxing bath.

Brilliant tip!
To adapt the lighting to the various needs, dimmable lamps are an ideal solution.


Protection types

Installing bathroom lighting should only be done by a specialist as specific safety measures, such as the IP protection types of lighting, must be considered and carried out.

Brilliant tip!
Information on the IP protection types and classes, such as their meaning and proper application can be found

Additional decorative and functional criteria

To achieve both optical and functional quality, there are other criteria to consider when selecting your lighting concept:

Light sources in the shower area

Particularly lighting in the proximity of bathtubs and showers, where more steam and splashed water is generated as in the centre of the room, must be in the highest possible IP protection class.

Room dimensions

In smaller bathrooms, you should work with as much natural light as possible. Avoid large, bulky lamps, opting for spots or small lamps instead. These are less dominant and make the room appear larger

Light temperature

It can be notably more enjoyable to take a relaxing bath in warm light than in cold bright light. To increase flexibility and adapt lighting conditions to each particular need, lamps with adjustable lighting temperatures are recommended.


As with all bathroom lighting, mirror lamps should also be in the highest possible protection class to safeguard against splashing water and steam penetration.

Lighting concepts

Let yourself be inspired by our latest concepts!