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Prime bedroom lighting

Good health requires regular resting phases and sufficient sleep.


Basic lighting

Upon entering a room, there should be a light switch next to the door, ensuring a certain measure of brightness. Recessed or surface-mounted ceiling lamps are an excellent option to sufficiently illuminate the walls and floor. 

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Indirect lighting is a good option here to evenly and softly illuminate the entire room.


Sensible comfort

Sensible comfort is when the overhead or wall lighting can be turned on and off from both sides of the bed. These light switches should work independently of one another.

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These bedtable light switches must be calculated early on in the electrical planning of your home.


Bed lighting

Table, wall or clamp lights are excellent bed lighting, if possible dimmable and individually adjustable. Indirect lighting, for example behind the bed frame, brings additional, warm light.  

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Lamps with fabric shades are very popular and create a homey, idyllic atmosphere


Cosy corners

Spacious bedrooms can become even more comfortable and inviting with a cosy corner for reading, lighted by an uplighter with integrated reading lamp.

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An extra reading lamp, integrated into your wall or table lamp, provides supplementary light when needed.

Additional decorative and functional criteria

To achieve both optical and functional quality, there are other criteria to consider when selecting your lighting concept:


Selecting your daily apparel is facilitated by a well-lit cupboard with, for example, clamp lights or spots. For walk-in closets, all-encompassing lighting with accurate colour rendering is recommended, ensuring authentic colour and fabric recognition.


If there is a mirror in your bedroom, be sure that the lighting is sufficiently bright, but not glaring. Perhaps a wall lamp in the mirror’s proximity would suffice, simultaneously providing indirect lighting.


Indirect illumination in a window creates a wonderful atmosphere. Recessed lamps not only illuminate windows well, creating indirect lighting in the room, they are also a deterrent to burglars.

Indirect light

Many situations call for indirect lighting as it is more pleasant than bright overhead or recessed lamps. For example, a short trip to the bathroom at night, or when a quiet peaceful atmosphere is desired.

Lighting concepts

Let yourself be inspired by our latest concepts!