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Appropriate hallway and stairwell lighting

The entry area – inviting and safe


General attributes

The entry area has a representative character. Here guests will be received for the first time. However, since entrance hallways often receive little daylight, the lighting should be bright and lively.

Brilliant Tip!
Overhead light fixtures provide a room with excellent basic lighting. Recessed luminaires are especially convenient for low ceilings.



Non-reflecting and shadow-free illumination is an important safety measure. Stairwells should always be well illuminated, with small recessed lighting for example, to safeguard against tripping or falling. 

Brilliant tip!
An inexpensive, all-hours lighting can be achieved with energy-saving, dimmable recessed LED spots.



Beyond its practical use, lighting can be cleverly applied. Wall or overhead lighting can directly illuminate objects or paintings. Table lamps, for example on commodes, provide additional ambience.

Brilliant tip!
Rooms appear larger when the lighting is directed on the wall or ceiling. Dimmable spots serve the same purpose.


Saving energy

Save energy and costs with motion detectors equipped with sensors. Upon entering the hallway, the light automatically switches on and, after a predetermined timeframe, switches automatically off.

Brilliant tip!
LED lamps consume little energy and have a long life-span. They are going easy on both - purse and environment.

Additional decorative and functional criteria

To achieve both optical and functional quality, there are other criteria to consider when selecting your lighting concept:


If there is a mirror in your hallway or entrance area, you should ensure that the lighting is sufficiently bright, but not glaring. Perhaps a wall lamp in the mirror’s proximity would suffice, simultaneously providing indirect lighting.


The daily clothing selection is made easier with clamp lights or spots illuminating your wardrobe.

Lighting concepts

Let yourself be inspired by our latest concepts!