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Correct living room lighting

Cosy and multi-functional lighting


Lighting harmony

It is sensible to plan the lighting design to provide each individual room zone need with the ideal lamp.  The varying light sources should be harmonically coordinated, so that they do not interfere with one another.

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To facilitate planning and implementing your lighting design, it is best to differentiate between functional and decorative lighting.


Basic lighting

Upon entering a room, there should be a light switch next to the door, ensuring a certain measure of brightness. Recessed or surface mounted ceiling lamps are an excellent option to sufficiently illuminate the walls and floor.

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Indirect lighting is a good option for evenly and softly illuminating an entire room.



There is a wide selection of decorative lamps to present a room according to your individual taste.  Lend your room a classic, muted or playful accent, or a more prestigious character. 

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This room is the central gathering place for family and friends. It is a place for socializing as well as relaxing, it represents you!



The living room is the one room in the house that demands the highest level of flexibility. Whether an integrated workspace or an extra reading corner, the lighting must be precisely coordinated.

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To establish the best lighting condition for individual functions, the room’s furnishings should be defined before planning the lighting. 

Additional decorative and functional criteria

To achieve both optical and functional quality, there are other criteria to consider when selecting your lighting concept:


Vitrine or shelf lighting draws attention to decorations or objects.


Recessed or surface-mounted lighting shows paintings or decorative room objects, such as sculptures or vases, in the proper light.

Ambient lighting

Table lamps can be both functional and decorative. Table lamps with fabric shades are particularly popular.

Integrated workspace

A working space requires lighting conditions conducive to concentrated and undisturbed work. Table lamps as desk lighting can be variably mounted, providing non-reflective PC monitor or desk surface illumination.

Cosy corners

Cosy corners, such as reading areas, are well served by an uplighter with an integrated reading lamp, establishing ideal lighting conditions for both the surrounding area and the reader.

Lighting concepts

Let yourself be inspired by our latest concepts!