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Garden, terrace and balcony lighting

Relax outdoors in style


Setting the stage

If you own a garden, you also want to enjoy it. Artfully distributing spots, recessed ground lights or globe lamps creates an especially inviting lighting in your garden.

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Mobile lamps such as spiked or clamp lamps are an excellent option for potted plants on the balcony.



Garden lighting is more than a decorative delight; it also serves to protect you. It illuminates paths, averting trips and falls on uneven earth or other such obstacles.

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Good illumination is particularly important on stairs. When the steps run alongside a wall, it is possible to install step lighting.


Theft prevention

Sufficient lighting is not only useful on your front door; it is also practical in the garden. Motion detectors triggering lighting in a darkened garden, frighten away burglars intending to break into your home.

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Install your motion detectors high enough and out of reach, so that burglars cannot remove or damage them. 


Protection types

Outdoor lighting is subject to a variety of weather conditions. Therefore, they should be in the relevant protection class to comply with garden lighting demands.

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Information on the IP protection types and classes, such as their meaning and proper application can be found here



Additional decorative and functional criteria

To achieve both optical and functional quality, there are other criteria to consider when selecting your lighting concept:


A fitting light concept can also enhance your terrace or balcony area. Recessed ground lamps, bollard or mast lights can attractively frame your terrace, for example.

Theft prevention

Lamps with an automatic timer or twilight switch create the same safety effect as lamps with motion detectors – they keep potential burglars at bay.

Ambient lighting

House facades can be beautifully and artfully illuminated with recessed ground lamps. Equally impressive is a tree crown, illuminated with up lights.


Dimmable lamps orchestrate variable lighting characteristics.

Lighting concepts

Let yourself be inspired by our latest concepts!