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Investor Relations

The domain stock exchange is in Hamburg. The share is listed at the segment “unofficial market”.

Main shareholder of the Brilliant AG

Since September 24, 2004, the British business group "The National Lighting Company Ltd" has become main shareholder of the Brilliant AG.

Subsidiaries of the National Lighting Company Ltd. are Poole Lighting Ltd. and Endon Lighting Ltd., which are both market leader in Great Britain. The National Lighting Company Ltd. currently holds more than 75.00% of the shares.

The managing board and CEO decided not to comply with the introduction "Regierungskommission Deutscher Corporate Governance Kodex" in the official part of the electronic German Federal Bulletin from the Federal Ministry of Justice.

Number of shares 360.000
Capital stock € 9.205.200,00
Security identification number 527 270
Business year 1. Januar bis 31. Dezember

Lighting concepts

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