Brilliant AG

Company Introduction

Brilliant AG was founded in 1951 in Gnarrenburg. Together with our international clientele we consistently bring fresh momentum to the market.

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Evocative atmosphere

Being one of the leading market suppliers in Europe, we provide an inimitable, comprehensive and innovative assortment of indoor and outdoor lighting for homes and gardens.

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We're here to help

Browse through one of our current online catalogues, discover one of our trade partners in your area or explore a plethora of interesting facts about the world of illumination.

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Light is life

This has been the reason for our passion to bring light in people´s life all over the world for almost 60 years.

Online catalogues

Browse through our current catalogues

Browse through our online catalog and let yourself be inspired by our products

Online Catalog



Looking for replacement parts?

Find your replacement parts online.

Did your lampshade break while horsing around with your children? You will find replacement parts in our replacement part shop.

Would you rather speak directly to one of our staff members? For technical inquiries and replacement part service call 0049 – 4763 – 89234.

Displaced your instruction?

Use our free service

No problem: Tell us the article number and if needed the model name via e-mail to and we will send you the adequate assembly instruction.

Please look at the label of the lamp or the packing for the article number (e.g. 39411/51 or G49910/05).

Illuminant disposal

Eco-friendly uncomplicated

To exploit the entire environmental protection benefit of LEDs, the lamps need to be disposed of correctly.  This can be done at recycling depots and registered deposit locations. Find the recycling station closest to you here.

Brilliant International

We are one of the leading market suppliers in Europe

Our countries of distribution are:
Germany, Austria, Sswitzerland, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Poland, the Netherlands, Denmark, Ireland, France, Russia, Luxembourg, Belgium, Great Britain, Turkey, Sweden, Norway, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Greece, the United Arab Emirates, Central Africa, South Amerika and the Caribbean.